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Brahmana Maha Sabha (Reg: 60/1971)was established and registered in the year 1971, under the guidance of many of the legendary Brahmin Personalities of those times. Brahmana Maha Sabha(BMS) was started with the following objectives

  1. To promote literature, Science of the fine arts, and to encourage diffusion of useful knowledge.
  2. To encourage general and religious education according to Vedic principles, and to promote educational, medical and Charitable and Cultural institutions.
  3. To aid the spiritual, moral, Social and Cultural growth of the Hindu Brahmins or any other community of Nellore or other parts of India or elsewhere.
  4. To help the poor and to help the relief of any distress caused by the elements of nature such as famine, pestilence, fire, tempest, flood, earthquakes etc., and to assist the helpless poor in performing thread marriages, marriages, and the funeral rites of their relations.
  5. To conserve the Vedic heritage of liberty, autonomy and responsibility of The local vedic seats of Learning and Worship, while at the same time working in co operation with other religious bodies.
  6. To promote the Vedic programmes and to formulate broad policies for the co operative efforts of Temples; renovate old temples, religious institutions, monuments, choultries etc.,
  7. To do everything proper, necessary, advisible or convenient for the accomplishment of the objects set forth and to do all other works beneficial to the Hindu community except that of profit motive.

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Founder members of BMS

Brahmana Maha Sabha is a non political, non sectarian in nature and activity; and shall be for religious, social and charitable purposes only.

The organization aims to work through implementation of various welfare projects that have a direct impact on social and economic conditions of the Brahmins initially and underprivileged communities in general in Nellore District.

The Members of the Trust formed by late Tipparaju Venkata Subbaiah, extends co operation for the activities of Brahmana Sabha partially, though interested in helping in the underprivileged communities of Hindu Society.

The Sabha accepts suggestions, financial assistance, conduct of Medical Camps, Judicial camps, by any NGO subject to the prescribed conditions of Sabha.