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Selection Of The Benificiary

All the Beneficiaries should be only from the Brahmin community.

After an application is fulfilling all the required criteria to be a beneficiary, and after the report of the enquiry committee, the application along with all other such applications is put forward in the Board Meeting.

In the meeting, the selection is by voting system. The vote of a Life Member carries 2 points. The vote of a Patron carries 5 Points. The vote of an Award Member carries 8 Points. The total points are calculated for each candidate and the beneficiaries are listed as per the points attained.

The Beneficiary should finally agree and give an undertaking with all the necessary proof documents requested by the organizing committee secretary. The undertaking should be attested or preferably registered. The decision whether the bond should be registered or just attested may be decided by the organizing committee. How ever registration of the bond is preferable unless and until the registration is costing more than 500/-. The original By-Laws recommend considering the inflation in the future years to come regarding the amount specified.

The Person recommending a particular candidate is not responsible and is not like a guarantor for the written declaration of the beneficiary.